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If you need a new web design, Bath’s Eco Green Hosting can be good for you and the planet too!

It can be very tempting when business is busy to forget about your website. After all, it seems to be doing its job and clients are still doing business with you. However the way the Internet works today is likely to be very different to when you had your first website design. Bath – based Eco Green Hosting do a lot more than their name suggests, though if you are keen on operating in a carbon-neutral footprint, then stick around. Your website design, Bath’s Eco Green Hosting recommend, should be upgraded and remodelled every three to four years in order to maximise its efficiency and to ensure it is as user-friendly as possible. Certainly with a new web design Bath’s Eco Green Hosting can still retain trademark elements of the original site so as not to scare away existing customers, but a new site tells everyone you are a business that is continually looking to upgrade itself.

Of course it isn’t just website design Bath’s Eco Green Hosting are well known for. Their business originally started out offering green hosting by reducing the operating temperature of the servers they used. By reducing operating temperatures of servers, they were consequently able to reduce the energy needed to cool them. Few people realise that more power is used to cool servers down than they consume when operating. The aim of Eco Green Hosting has been to have a totally neutral carbon footprint, and that includes the hosting work they do for any new clients. When you sign up with Eco Green Hosting you are likely to be responsible for the planting of new trees on our precious planet. So if the thought of going green appeals and green hosting is something you’d like to learn more about, get in contact with Eco Green Hosting today.

For website design, Bath’s Eco Green Hosting have a novel approach

More and more businesses today like to include green or Eco-credibility to show they care about the world and the environment. They are perhaps ahead of the game when they accept that the Internet may be paperless, but the energy used by servers does immense harm to the planet. At Eco Green Hosting we try to combine a green approach to all we do from our web design Bath offices.

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