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Is Green Hosting A New Concept?

You may not realise it, but with green hosting, computing can be even more environmentally friendly than you may have imagined. We’ve probably discussed the fact that as we turn into more and more of a paperless society, so we save the need to cut down so many trees to make paper. However the volume of business carried out today, compared to twenty years ago, means that paper is still needed and trees are still cut down. So how can green hosting help the situation? Well much depends on what the green host understands by classing themselves as green hosts.

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Why putting off website maintenance could be a big mistake

Website maintenance can be a never-ending task, with bugs and irritating snags popping up virtually all the time. It can also be difficult to keep your website up-to-date with industry standards, as well as optimising content for all the newest devices.

Why maintenance matters

It can be time-consuming, frustrating and resource-intensive to keep on top of website maintenance, but it is crucial that you do so. If you neglect it, or put it off until later, you could be turning away customers, slipping down Google search rankings and sinking below your competitors.

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More Than Just a Hosting Company

When you come across something that you wouldn’t expect to be ecologically friendly, you would be forgiven for being a little suspicious. Many companies have jumped on the ‘eco-friendly’ bandwagon when they are not actually as good for the environment as they would have you believe. Come across a web design and web hosting business that claims to be green, especially where green hosting is concerned, and this may be quite an eye-opener for you. After all, most people believe that it is the PCs and computers that use up all the electricity and hosting has little to do with energy consumption.

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Did You Know About Green Hosting?

It would be interesting to know how many ‘eco-friendly’ businesses know about, let alone use green hosting for their website. After all, today, if you don’t have a website, most people don’t think you have a credible business, whether you are selling goods or simply promoting your services. However if the nature of your business revolves around being environmentally responsible, or friendly, then what better way to let your clients know just how seriously you approach your work, down to the point where you use a green host for your website.

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