How to choose the most effective domain name

For all businesses launching a new website, the first step can be the most crucial – choosing a domain name. Of course, you are restricted by two elements when selecting a domain name for your new website. The first roadblock is availability, as your dream domain may have been snapped up by someone else, whilst the second is cost – can you afford the domain you had in mind?Here are some things to consider for an effective, dynamic domain name that works for your business…

Keep it simple

As a general rule of thumb, a domain name should be short, simple and easy to type. If you make it too complicated, customers may mistype or mis-spell it, plus it won’t stick in the mind and be remembered easily. Avoid ‘tricksy’ spelling and punctuation (i.e. x-press rather than express) and keep it user-friendly.

Use keywords

The best way for customers to find your website is through a search, so including in your domain name the keywords they are most likely to use is a great idea. If your business serves mainly local companies, you could include the place name in there too.

Do some research

To avoid using copyrighted or trademarked domain names, or one that is too similar to another company’s website name, spend the time researching your chosen name. Neglect this at your peril – at best, it will send customers to a rival’s website, while at worst it could result in huge legal fees!

Use the right extension

Now we come to the .com, and .net of domain names. These extensions all have specific uses –for example, .com and are for companies, .net is for technical sites and .org is for non-commercial, non-profit organisations.

Last but not least, get your domain name at the best possible price, and watch out for hidden extras. Eco Green Hosting, a specialist in web hosting and web design in Bath and Bristol, has some of the lowest domain name prices on the web and is 100% transparent in its prices.