Our guide to choosing a web hosting package

Like every other decision you make for your business, choosing the right web host and the right hosting package is a decision that should be made very carefully. You need to ensure that what you end up with meets both your needs and your budget. Get it wrong and you could run into frustrating headaches (and extra costs) further down the line.

Here are the crucial things to consider when choosing a web host and a hosting plan:

  • Bandwidth. Most hosting packages specific a maximum bandwidth, which could limit the traffic your website can handle. At Eco Green Hosting, there are tiered packages offering bandwidth from 100MB all the way up to Unlimited. If you don’t want to have to worry about bandwidth limits, it can be worth paying a little more for an Unlimited package.
  • Space. As with bandwidth, space can be limited in some packages. Choose a package with adequate space, or go Unlimited if you aren’t sure how much you need.
  • Technology. For future-proofing purposes, you should choose a hosting company that uses the latest technology. You should look for PHP 5 and MySQL 5 for databases – both of which Eco Green Hosting uses as standard.
  • Support. There are two things you should be looking for when checking out a hosting company’s support service. These are speed and cost – Eco Green Hosting provides free and fast support with virtually all packages.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA). Your new hosting company should offer an SLA with as low a downtime figure as possible.
  • Easy setup. Hosting companies like Eco Green Hosting, for example, offer 1-Click installs (i.e. WordPress) to make life easier for their customers.
  • Sustainability. Green credentials wouldn’t previously have made it onto the ‘must-have’ list, but this has changed in recent years. Hosting companies that are off-setting their carbon emissions and lowering energy consumption are now much sought-after amongst businesses wanting to impress prospective customers with the sustainability of all parts of their business, including web hosting.
  • Extras. You need to look for extras such as email, site management tools and web maintenance (and design if you need it).

If there’s anything else you need from your web hosting package, get in touch with Eco Green Hosting and ask!