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Green Hosting – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Yes, Eco Green Hosting is a genuine business, and it is a business with a passion for what it stands for and what it achieves. The ethos behind the company is to operate a business that does no harm to the planet, within a field which does. Being carbon-neutral is like a hip phrase in today’s ecologically-conscious business world, but how many companies actually achieve it? How many IT companies actually know that it is still possible to operate in an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral manner when it comes to balancing out emissions?

Green hosting is not a phrase you hear every day of the week, but it is becoming more common. Those businesses who want to be seen to be acting in a politically and environmentally correct manner are now switching over to green hosting, and that is where this well-established business comes to the fore. Operating green hosting isn’t just a question of using low-energy light bulbs in the office and cycling to work. Nor is it a case of planting a forest of trees and proclaiming to the world how ecologically responsible they are.

Green hosting involves understanding the technology behind servers – those giant machines without which the World Wide Web wouldn’t exist and your website wouldn’t be available for all and sundry to see. Green hosting looks more at providing a solution to a problem rather than reacting to the consequences of a problem. Put another way, Eco Green Hosting recognises that servers consume a substantial amount of energy and operate in a manner which means that a great deal of energy is consumed in simply cooling the equipment. Eco Green Hosting operate servers for your website at heat levels 50% lower than the norm, and which consume 40% overall less electricity than most other servers. That’s where the expression ‘prevention is better than cure’ make most sense. Better to run a system that consumes less electricity than plant a thousand more hectares of trees!

Want to know more? Curious? Well the best way to change that would be to call the company and start talking to someone about what you need and what you are looking for in a website host.