5 signs it’s time to switch your hosting company

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your website, to see what can be improved for the months ahead. If you suspect your web hosting service may not be quite up to scratch, it might be the ideal time to make a change. Here are 5 signs to look out for:

  1. You experience more than 1% downtime. It might not look like much on paper, but this level of downtime is unacceptable. Some level of down time is inevitable in the digital world, but the majority of things that can cause it – such as maintenance and necessary upgrades – should be planned and scheduled well in advance. If downtime is taking you by surprise, it’s time to make a change.

  1. You’re running out of space. It’s perfectly understandable that as your business grows, your hosting needs will too. You’ll inevitably need more space and bandwidth, unlimited if possible. You can switch providers or you can upgrade your account to a premium option that better suits your business– for example, Eco Green Hosting’s highest level Unlimited package offers unlimited space and bandwidth.
  1. Customers are complaining about page load times. Anything about your website that can annoy visitors is very bad for business, and slow page loading can be amongst the most irritating. It can lose you prospective customers in seconds, as they simply get bored of waiting and click away from your site.
  1. Slow or costly support. If it’s near impossible to get hold of anyone in the customer service or technical departments of your hosting company, this isn’t something you have to put up with. You should have access not only to fast and expert support when you need it, but it should also be free – just like we offer at Eco Green Hosting. If you’re paying an arm and a leg for poor quality support, you know you’re not getting good value from your hosting package.
  1. Making changes is time-consuming and frustrating. If you want to set up new websites, switch domains or install platforms such as WordPress, you want it to be quick and easy. Unfortunately, with some providers, it can be a real headache. At Eco Green Hosting, we focus on fast, providing everything from one-click installs to fast and free support – which is why so many website owners switch to us.